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Bouwen op drijfzand

Building on quicksand

Bouwen op drijfzand is the debut of Ronny Lobo, born in Curaçao from Surinamese parents. He has always lived there, except for the period of his studies in Delft, the Netherlands. Like his alter ego in the novel, Ronny Lobo is an architect. In 1992 he received the Debrot Cola Prize for Architecture, the highest cultural award in Curacao. With Erich Zielinski and Frank Martinus Arion as inspiration Lobo had to reach a novel in which his love for the Caribbean merged with his other passion, that of architecture.

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September 2013


  • The highly successful architect Kenzo .....

     Bouwen op drijfzand

    The highly successful architect Kenzo Schmidt simultaneously designs a house in Curacao for a Dutch couple from Mexico and a still unmarried couple in Bonaire. His climate conscious thinking and aesthetic beliefs encounter the totally different world of thought of his clients. Where he takes into account the nature and the mangroves, the customer rather cares about the view and a sand beach yet to be constructed. Another problem is one of the principals, the irresistible Karin Oei.


    The feelings she causes in him ensure that the business ratio with the couple gets under pressure. Although Kenzo as care-able, divorced father has his hands full with his children, the desire remains for a second daughter.


    The new future he has in mind with Karin, falls to pieces when it appears that not only her friend Roy but also other men have discovered her charm. Jealousy and suspicion prevail. Then disaster strikes for his clients. Their dream houses appear to be built upon quicksand. Kenzo's desires remain suspended between dream and reality.






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