St. Jozef VSBO School Curaçao (extension and renovation)

This school complex consisted of two separate schools on both sides of a street. The schools were clustered to one organization. Apart from renovating major areas, to be used for the functions in the newly introduced vocational school type, we added three classrooms for CAV, cultural artistic training. We laid out these classrooms across the street that was closed off, as such integrating the two buildings to one complex. The slope of the land made it necessary to put the classrooms on different floor levels. We gave them the shape of ellipses, each accentuated by a different color. For optimal cross ventilation by the wind from the East, the classrooms are oriented North-South.




Van Leeuwenhoekstraat, Otrabanda, Curaçao


Stichting Onderhoud Scholen



area (approximately)

 8.000 m2


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